Research & Development
We continue Research and Develop the new Subsidiary Products for Water Supply and Irrigation Projects such as – Flow Regulating Valve, Orifice Socket, Mechanical Jack – “V” Block/Clamp Type, Dia Reducing “O” Ring, Thread Locking (Anti-Theft) Socket, HDPE Back Pressure Tank (BPT), Shallow Tube Well Drilling Socket, Under Ground Water Pressure Release Valve Set (Automatic) for Canal Irrigation to prevent Bottom Cracking.

Some of Our Vendor – (Manufacturer/Agents):-

The Verdict
Maruti Traders : concisely, a renowned Name in Nepal and had a Very Good Track Record in the Field of Water Supply, Irrigation and Basic Development Sector Providing Extensive Services to the Client. Company is duly Registered Government Suppliers having Capability to Deliver the Mentioned Materials along with a Quality Guarantee up to Each and Every Corner of the Country with Personal Touch, Responsibly. The firm are firmly affirmed and cordially Ensuring as the First Priority that “PROJECT MUST GO AHEAD” in Peculiar Manner and Time Frame at Utmost.

We always remember our Principal Slogan : “ Service before Self ”