Trunky Supply Range
In Ready Stock, we have an array of Advance Quality Materials related to under mentioned Headings and Category. Wide range of materials is available majorly in: HDPE, uPVC, cPVC, PPR, GI, MS, CS, CI, DI, GM and Brass in the Size of: ½” (15mm) to 20” (500mm). We offer products that confirm to a variety of Standards like: IS, NS, BS, DIN and AWWA which authenticated by Quality Control Agencies:
Crown Agents, SGS, RITES, PDIL, IRS , etc.


  • WATER SUPPLY & SEWERAGE:  Gravity Flow, Lift, Deep Tube Well, Shallow Tube Well, Rain Water Jar… etc.
  • IRRIGATION:  Lift, Gravity Flow, Deep Tube Well, Canal, Drip, Pound… etc.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE:  Road, Electrification, School Building, Community Hall … etc.
  • TOOLS & EQUIPMENT:  Plumbing, Construction, Carpentry, Survey… etc.
  • OTHER Suspension Bridge, Solar Home System, Micro Hydro (Peltric Set), Water Proofing, Disaster Management (Fire, Flood, Earthquake)


PIPES :  HDPE (2.5 kgf/cm2  to    10 kgf/cm2), uPVC, cPVC, PPR (All Series), GI (Light, Medium, Heavy), MS (ERW, Seamless, All Class), CS (All Class), CI (Flanged, Socketed), DI (Flanged, Tyton, Cement     Mortar Lining)

FITTINGS :  HDPE, uPVC, cPVC, PPR (Adaptor, Flange Set – HDPE x HDPE, HDPE x GI, GI x GI, Detachable Joint, Saddle Piece, Reducer,  “Y” Piece, Tee, R/Tee, Coupling,  Socket, Flange, Strainer… etc.) GI, MS, CS (Male/Female Threaded – Elbow, Socket, Tee, Union, Reducer, Nipple, Hex Nipple, Tank Nipple, Jam Nut, Check Nut, Cross, Flange, End Cap, End Plug … etc.)

CI, DI (Flanged, Socketed, Tyton Joint - Equal/Reducing – Mechanical Coupling, Collar, Tail Piece, Tee, Cross, Bend, Reducer, Duck Foot Bend, Spigot, F/Socket, Cap, Plug, Bell Mouth… etc.)

VALVES, COCKS  &  METERS :  (CS, CI, DI, GM, BRASS) -  Sluice Valve, Horizontal/Vertical  Non Return Valve/Check Valve, Wafer Check Valve, Landing Valve, Butter Fly Valve – Lever/Gear, Diaphragm Valve, Foot Valve, Air Valve – Single/Double, Sluice Gate, Deluge Valve, Alarm Valve, Hammer Blind Valve, Zero Velocity Valve, Pressure Release Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Wheel Valve, Ferrule Cock,

Tanker Valve, “Y” Strainer, Brass Union, Flow Regulator Valve, Spring Pressure Release Valve, Bib Cock, Push Cock, Lift Cock, Locking Cock, Nozzle Cock, Ball Cock, Float Valve, Ball Valve, Wheel Valve, Safety Valve, Flanged/Female End Water Meter, Bulk, Single Jet, Magnetic Drive, Multi Jet Flow Meter… etc.

  • Plumbing - Pipe Threader : Ordinary/Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic, Pipe Cutter, Pipe Vice – Hinged/Open, Pipe Wrench – Ordinary/Heavy Duty, Adjustable Wrench, Hacksaw Frame/Blade, Pipe Bending Machine, Pipe Rammer, Pipe Chain Wrench, Pipe Vice with Stand/Open type- Chain type, Drilling Machine… etc.
  • Construction -  Crowbar, Hammer – Sledge, Chipping, Stone Cutting, Pick, Shovel – Round/Square, Head Pan – Plain/Round Edged, Chisel, Try Square, Sprit Level, Level Pipe, Travel – machinery/Plain/Finishing, Bar Bender, Meson Square, Plumb bob… etc.
  • Carpentry -  Hand Saw, Plain Jack, Screw Driver, Carpenter Square, Mechanist Hammer, Wood Chisel, Claw Hammer, Carpenter Brace, Wood Auger… etc.
  • Survey Equipment -  Theodolite, Measuring Tape, Safety Helmet, Safety Rope, Jacket, Hand Gloves, Altimeter, Multi Meter… etc.

  • CONSTRUCTION -  Cement – OPC/PPC, Steel Rod – Plain/Tore Steel, CGI Plain/Color Sheet, “J” Hook, “L” Hook, Scaffolding Clamp, Plain Wire, Barbed Wire, Binding Wire, Water Tank, Chicken Wire, Nail… etc.
  • SUSPENSION BRIDGE -  Steel Wire Rope – GI/Black, Steel/Firer Core, Bulldog Grip, Thimble, Nut, Bolt, Washer,
  • SOLAR HOME SYSTEM -  Solar Panel, CFL Blub, Battery, Wire… etc.
  • MICRO HYDRO -  Peltric Set, HDPE Pipe, Steel Pole, Turbine… etc.
  • WATER PROOFING -  Water Proofing Compound – Powder/Liquid, Thread Seal Tape, PVC Water Stopper, Rubber Gasket… etc.
  • DISASTER MANAGEMENT -  FIRE:  Fire Fighting Cloth, Water Spray Nozzle… etc.   FLOOD:  Tent – Folding/Permanent, Bucket, Mug… etc.    EARTHQUAKE:  Demolition Hammer, Concrete Cuter, Generator Set… etc.